Šmelcovna v Bítýšce

Šmelcovna is a colony situated in the beautiful and pristine valley of Bílý potok (White Brook). It is popular with tourists. Every year on the first Sunday of spring, a winter farewell carnival is held there attracting a lot of visitors. The origin of this tradition dates back to 1902, when it was founded by a tourist club from Brno called “Noha” (The Foot). Between 1912 and 1933, a renowned Czech poet, Petr Bezruč, participated in this Spring Welcoming Event.

Travelling in Šmelcovna

  • Type of path: asphalt path, unpaved path.
  • Length of trip: 11 km.
  • Suitable for: tourists on foot, cyclists, and cross-country skiers.
  • Land belonging to: municipality of Chudčice, Veverská Bítýška Township, and the “Bílý potok” Natural Park.
  • Marked as: blue trail.
  • Interesting places: Šmelcovna, Hála's Mill, the valley of “Bílý potok”.