About the region

Microregion Kuřimka was established on 2nd September 2005 by the agreement of municipalities: Moravské Knínice, Chudčice and Veverská Bítýška and the town Kuřim about  enforcing common interests and cooperation in developing activities:

  • environmental protection and effort to achieve ecological stability of the territory
  • coordination of local ground plans and ground planning on a regional scale
  • coordination of development plans for technical infrastructure, civic amenities and agricultural activities.
  • support of education, sports and other activities of interest
  • support of medical facilities, social care and domiciliary services
  • promotion of social life, maintenance of folk traditions of multicipalities and Kuřim
  • support of tourism and related services using high attractiveness of the territory and linked to the historical context
  • support of business in microregion
  • general promotion of microregion Kuřimka

The basic idea of an association of municipalities and towns microregion Kuřimka is coordinated cooperation for reconstruction and development of territories with special regard to the protection and creation of environment and preservation and revitalization of historic traditions. The main aim is to support people, their self-governmens and interest groups, especially to make them aim tenable development of the territory.

With the change of social system there was a radical change in looking at the economics of agricultural production as a major segment of the economy of rural areas. Mainframe system of municipalities has completely disintegrated. Farms with integrated production have splitted into individual centers and have been unable to  use the mass production areas effectively.

The partnership represents a fundamental mechanism in the EU, under which made rural development support. The microregion Kuřimka is formed by the partnership of representatives of municipalities and Kuřim, employers, interest groups, entrepreneurs and initiative groups or individuals.